EPI Resources

Downloadable EPI resources – now optimized for telemedicine

Whether in person, over the phone, or through a telemedicine visit, you can utilize the resources on this page to help you and your patients have more open and engaging conversations about EPI.

For doctors

Image of EPI Conversation Guide PDF

EPI Conversation Guide

Questions and information to help you navigate calls and conversations with patients when you suspect EPI.

Image of Pancreas Model PDF

Pancreas Model

A graphical breakdown of the inner workings of the pancreas, optimized for screen sharing during appointments.

Image of Overlapping Symptoms Chart PDF

Overlapping Symptoms Chart

An overview of EPI symptoms that overlap with other GI conditions.

For patients

Image of GI Symptom Tracker PDF

GI Symptom Tracker

Help patients track their GI symptoms.

Image of Telemedicine Tips PDF

Telemedicine Tips

Tips to help your patients prepare for their upcoming telemedicine appointment.

Resources for patients with EPI due to cystic fibrosis

AbbVie CF Commitment

AbbVie has a long history of being committed to the cystic ­fibrosis (CF) community. Find out more about AbbVie’s ongoing support for people with CF at all stages of life.